Advantages of call center quality assurance

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s growth, and a place where customers can call is among the top in the list. Call Center quality assurance is the technique of investigating agents’ calls and determining their merit in respect to the customers’ gratification.  

This article takes a look at the advantage of this practice. 

Increase the satisfaction of customers 

Through monitoring, one is able to identify key areas that need to be worked on. Once they are worked on, the customers become satisfied. Customers’ satisfaction helps to improve the ranking of a company. The satisfied customers will always come back for more and even recommend the company services to other people. They will market the company even without being told to do so. 

This brings very good business for the company and increases profit margins. Therefore, your company markets itself, no excessive expenditure on marketing.  

Evaluate the progress of agents 

Growth is part of a company’s progress. As people grow, the organization also prospers. It is very unfortunate if people remain the same throughout their career. Doing the same old practices will not yield results in this ever-changing world.  

Monitoring calls will inform management of the growth patterns of their agents. If the agents are growing, it means that the goals of the company are being met. This will not only boost company progress but show which agent needs to be promoted. 

Ensuring laws are being followed 

A typical organization has laws that must be adhered to. Some of the laws may be about customers’ privacy. In today’s world, a lot of people are zealous about their private matters. Most people prefer that details about their activities or personal information remains private. This is why companies have laws concerning privacy. 

Monitoring calls ensures that agents don’t break laws, especially privacy laws. They should never reveal private details to a third party. Any agent that violates these laws should be dealt with. Checking calls will ensure agents are not straying away from the laws. This will increase customers’ trust in the company.  

Keep track on important elements of the business 

A business has so many areas that need to be looked at. People unknowingly neglect to check some aspects that are important for growth.  

Scrutinizing calls may make management aware of areas that have been overlooked. This can be done through assessment of some of the issues that customers have raised. 

Helps the company attain set goals 

Through customer feedback and monitoring agents, a company is then able to meet its objectives. The monitoring will enable them know what needs to be improved on both the company’s side and the agents’ sides. This will in turn help in attainment of set goals within the proper time frame. 


 The quality assurance of a call center will help improve the overall performance of a business. It will ensure all entities within a business are satisfied, the customers, agents and company in general training for call centers from Veraquest