Getting More Hits To Your YouTube Videos In Video Marketing

It can be a daunting task to get more hits on your YouTube videos .You might find that someone?s video is getting over five thousand hits when yours is getting just four hits and then wonder why yours is not getting the kind of traffic that you hoped for. There are a number of reasons for it as well as many ways of getting traffic to your YouTube videos.

The following are ways in which you can get more hits in YouTube videos in video marketing.

  • YouTube videos are not created equally: Depending on the video that you upload, you might get surprised to see that it has got to ten thousand views the next day especially if it?s a popular music video o YouTube.
  • YouTube marketing is different from video marketing:  distributes all your videos all over the web on your website, on social sites and on YouTube.  It is a process of taking your video online making it viral; it takes popular video a very short time to become a hit.
  • Getting the traffic for the YouTube video:  it can be tricky getting traffic to your YouTube videos, you can link it to a certain form and get the members to view it and you eventually gain many hits that you could have thought.
  • Purchasing an add on YouTube: 

    It is also known as featured listing.  With this your video is likely to get to the top of the search results list all depending on the keyword or the topic that the viewers are looking for.  This might end up making vide to hit instantly.  Features listings get more hits if the product being promoted is a high priced one. It goes well if our conversion rate is a bit high, that way you get very good returns.

  • Boost your search rankings on YouTube: there are many ways that people can sort their videos especially if looking for the most popular ones and have a lot of hits on your video.  The chance can be higher if your video becomes number one on the search results.  Click here for Shopify.
  • Since YouTube is ranked the second largest website in the internet in terms of traffic, is then becomes very essential to online business and especially in the journey to marketing your videos on YouTube.

Since there are many techniques that might rival YouTube marketing, this strategy can surely boost your traffic therefore helping you to earn the sales and profits that you so desire.  Adopt them in your video marketing and you will see yourself making the most out of it within the shortest time possible.

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How To Choose A Shopify Expert

Owing to the high demand for search engine optimization services, a lot of agencies have cropped up left, right and center in almost each and every city that you visit. This has, in turn, provided the perfect breeding ground for cons, who pretend to be a search engine optimization agency but have zero knowledge on the same. Therefore, whenever you are choosing your search engine optimization agency, you need to be very cautious not to fall into their pitfalls and thus lose your hard earned resources. Below are some of the qualities that a good SEO agency must possess.


Whenever search engine optimization comes into play, then experience is very essential as it determines the quality of services that you are going to get. In addition, a search engine optimization agency which has offered its services for a long time has all the necessary tactics of improving your rankings in the search engines. This is because they have a better understanding of how the search engine optimization scene is run. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about choosing a search engine optimization agency, it is important that you choose an agency with the right amount of experience. Having the right amount of knowledge in the sector will go a long way in ensuring that they serve you better and deliver the results which you desperately need.

Good reputation

Another quality that a search engine optimization agency should have is a good reputation. Reputation is everything in the online scene, as it determines the level of trust that clients have over it. The reputation, in this case, is determined and curved out by previous clients of the agency and therefore, have much trust in it. Whenever therefore you are choosing your SEO agency, it is important that you choose the one that has a good reputation, as chances are that they will also provide good services to you. You can find the information about an SEO agency, by looking at the reviews that it is getting. The reviews speak volumes about an agency.

Timely tactics

It goes without saying that the dynamics of search engine optimization changes with each advancement in technology. Therefore, you may find a tactic that was used a month ago is no longer effective, as the scene has changed over time. Therefore, a good search engine optimization agency must be able to change with the changing tides of search engine optimization. They must, therefore, have the necessary staff, who are really creative and experts in the field, who comes with timely and new tactics. Most often than not, timely tactics are very effective as they focus on the new changes in technology, thus enabling you to achieve your goals effectively.