What are the marketing goals for digital agency Toronto?

Toronto is a big city and being the Capital city of Canada, it has many companies and government Institutions situated in it. Digital agency Toronto is characterized by stiff competition. There are a lot of competing digital agencies located here. For these agencies to be able to stand up in the competition, they need to put themselves in a situation where they will dominate this market experiential agency Toronto .

What are the marketing goals for digital agency Toronto? 

For any digital agency in Toronto to succeed it needs to embrace certain goals. These goals are directed in winning more customers and putting themselves ahead of their competition. The goals include: 

  1. Increase of Website traffic for the client’s websites – this should be the main goal and every digital company needs to make sure that their client’s websites have heavy traffic. 
  1. They should increase app download – Digital agency Toronto Industry is faced with the challenge of new technology. Almost every company today has its own app, for any digital agency to succeed it needs to increase app download for their clients. 
  1. Lead generation – This means that you need to be in the lead in every area of services and products to your clients. 
  1. Launch more products. These agencies will need to have a variety of products for them to succeed in winning more clients. 

What are effective digital marketing services that digital Agency Toronto needs? 

The services which every digital agency will need to be on top of other agencies are: 

  1. SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization is key to any digital agency in Toronto.  
  1. They will need to offer the services of paid advertisements. This will increase the traffic on the client’s website. 
  1. They need to offer the services of website design for them to be unique and attract more clients. 
  1. They should also embrace social media marketing to their clients. 
  1. Facebook marketing is currently very important in any digital agency marketing. Digital Agency Toronto needs to embrace this marketing strategy for them to stand out from the competition. 
  1. Video marketing is also very important as a digital agency. 
  1. They will also need marketing automation services to attract more clients. 

What is the course of action that digital agency Toronto needs to take to beat the competition? 

  • Target – they will need to target their audience. They need to, first of all, establish their marketing niche, then provide the services and products which will be directed towards certain clients. 
  • Attract – Every digital agency in Toronto needs to attract more clients. By this, they will have to give out the best in the market and get more clients. They must be ready to meet their client’s requirements. 
  • Conversion – this will involve improving the conversion rates and know what the users are doing on a certain website. They should also perform testing to determine the right layout, colors, and copy that push a high percentage of clients on a certain website. 

For digital agency Toronto, this is a big challenge to be able to work out the above criteria and become the best, as competition in digital agency is very stiff. Application of the above elements will make these agencies become the best. 

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program

It is a program that encourages businesses of different sectors and sizes in Canada to conduct research and development in Canada. The tax incentives categories include; income tax deduction, a refund, or an investment tax creditThe program administration is by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).   

Persons qualifying for the program (SRED)  

  • Corporations – Canadian-controlled private corporations can always earn a refundable investment tax credit at the rate of 35% on expenditure qualified for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program (SR&ED) of $3 million. 
  • Non-refundable investment tax credits are also attainable at a rate of 15% for amounts over $3 million. However, qualifying co-operations can earn refundable investment tax credit at a rate of 15% on amounts over $3 million, and 40% of investment tax credit (ITC) is refunded.  
  • For other co-operations, they can earn non-refundable investment tax credits (ITC) at a rate of 15% on scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) qualifying expenditures. The investment tax credit (ITC) is to reduce tax payable.  
  • Individuals – they can always earn a refundable investment tax credit (ITC) at a rate of 15% on expenditure qualified for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED). For a refund of 40% of the unclaimed investment tax credit (ITC) balance earned during the year, one has to apply for an ITC against tax payable. 
  • Trusts- similar to that of individuals 
  • Members of a partnership – Investment tax credit (ITC) cannot benefit partnership businesses and is therefore calculated at the partnership level and allocated to eligible members. 

Tax incentive benefits of the SR&ED program 

 It has got three benefits as outlined; 

  • Pulling the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)  expenditures and deducting them against the current-year income or the expense may be kept and deducted against a future year.  
  •  Payable income tax reduction is achievable by earning Scientific Research and Experimental Development investment tax credits. Sometimes, the Canadian Revenue Agency can always refund the remaining investment tax credit.  
  • Fund scientific and technological advances to make a company competitive. 

Unused investment tax credits (ITC) can always be carried forward to three or twenty years and applied against tax payable in other years. 

Determination of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development eligibility 

For a project to qualify for the SR&ED, it has to meet three criteria’s which are; 

  • Technological advancement-advanced technical knowledge 
  • Technological uncertainty 
  • Technical content- the iterative process must have been undergone to overcome uncertainties 

The Canadian Revenue Agency determines whether a project is qualified for SR&ED by; 

  • Ascertaining whether there was a scientific or technological uncertainty that the standard practice or engineering could not eliminate. It means that the current technology advanced by extending its capability. 

A  manufacturer encountering the challenge of increasing volume to meet customer needs must perform research and development to advance the technology. He can always claim the time through the SR&ED program. 

  • Finding out whether the effort involved meant to formulate a hypothesis aimed at eliminating the uncertainty before the beginning of experimentation. 
  • They make sure that an adopted procedure is consistent with the discipline of scientific methods such as; formulating, testing, and modification of a hypothesis. That means that a challenge is identified, systematic investigations carried out, proof provided on non-achievability.  
  • They also ensure that the process resulted in scientific or technological advancement. The Canadian revenue agency looks for the results of an iterative process and its advancement to a company’s knowledge base. The advance has to be on a technical level. 
  • They check on whether the hypothesis record was tested and whether the results are kept as work progressed. The records are proof of work done. 


The SRED aims to promote competitiveness, increase growth, create highly-skilled research development jobs, and promote international trade. It also ensures that businesses access the program and that its administered with fiscal integrity, and claimants access the full amount that they are entitled.

Advantages of call center quality assurance

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s growth, and a place where customers can call is among the top in the list. Call Center quality assurance is the technique of investigating agents’ calls and determining their merit in respect to the customers’ gratification.  

This article takes a look at the advantage of this practice. 

Increase the satisfaction of customers 

Through monitoring, one is able to identify key areas that need to be worked on. Once they are worked on, the customers become satisfied. Customers’ satisfaction helps to improve the ranking of a company. The satisfied customers will always come back for more and even recommend the company services to other people. They will market the company even without being told to do so. 

This brings very good business for the company and increases profit margins. Therefore, your company markets itself, no excessive expenditure on marketing.  

Evaluate the progress of agents 

Growth is part of a company’s progress. As people grow, the organization also prospers. It is very unfortunate if people remain the same throughout their career. Doing the same old practices will not yield results in this ever-changing world.  

Monitoring calls will inform management of the growth patterns of their agents. If the agents are growing, it means that the goals of the company are being met. This will not only boost company progress but show which agent needs to be promoted. 

Ensuring laws are being followed 

A typical organization has laws that must be adhered to. Some of the laws may be about customers’ privacy. In today’s world, a lot of people are zealous about their private matters. Most people prefer that details about their activities or personal information remains private. This is why companies have laws concerning privacy. 

Monitoring calls ensures that agents don’t break laws, especially privacy laws. They should never reveal private details to a third party. Any agent that violates these laws should be dealt with. Checking calls will ensure agents are not straying away from the laws. This will increase customers’ trust in the company.  

Keep track on important elements of the business 

A business has so many areas that need to be looked at. People unknowingly neglect to check some aspects that are important for growth.  

Scrutinizing calls may make management aware of areas that have been overlooked. This can be done through assessment of some of the issues that customers have raised. 

Helps the company attain set goals 

Through customer feedback and monitoring agents, a company is then able to meet its objectives. The monitoring will enable them know what needs to be improved on both the company’s side and the agents’ sides. This will in turn help in attainment of set goals within the proper time frame. 


 The quality assurance of a call center will help improve the overall performance of a business. It will ensure all entities within a business are satisfied, the customers, agents and company in general training for call centers from Veraquest 

How Does a Brand Strategy Work?

Brand strategy is a common phrase you hear in marketing, but what is it?  It is a long term plan on the development of a brand for success and achieves specific goals.  A marketer and everyone with a part to play in business should get an appropriate brand strategy as it affects all aspects; it even connects to the perception by the customers.  

Brands provide more competition to the businesses that they compete with as they increase the amount of noise until they get the attention of the consumer Toronto’s leading Advertising Agency  You need a brand strategy for instilling confidence that a brand provides the best user experience. 

 Other benefits of a brand strategy 

Creates uniqueness from the competition  

Competitions become fiercer by the day due to globalization. Technology is enabling customers from all corners of the globe to compare all options.  A brand strategy on the things to do to make the most noise that will get customers’ attention helps to increase competition against other businesses.   Branding even gives a product or service a life, so that stands on its own. There are many similar products and services.  Branding makes consumers think of yours as different and not part of the other, even if they can achieve the same purpose.  

Create an emotional connection  

 Emotion is a top brand strategy because you will connect more deeply with the customers.  A customer makes their buying choice in a sensitive way than marketers would think. Arousing emotions get more sales those logical marketing messages.   Engaging emotions helps to develop a sustainable relationship that lasts a long term.   The strategy does not have to be complicated. You can make it innovative but simple. 

 Emotional attachment to your product /service by turning it to a brand sticks like glue.  Branding attracts customers to stay with the brand and talk about it to others. You can direct special efforts after determining the best customers and create a loyalty base.  The return on investment is higher, with more guarantee than recruiting new. A brand strategy optimizes marketing in Toronto.  

Provide a platform for growth  

 Products can be in the market for long but cannot last forever. Branding strategy enables a company to determine a long term plan on lasting long after the demise of a product.  A company is likely to end after the flagship product or service dies. A brand strategy brings forth flexibility in expanding the line of products to prevent dependence on just one. A marketer specializing in digital strategy will quickly rebrand the company to increase consumer awareness on other products when some exit. 

 Brand strategy is about an entire experience of a product or service. It should maximize the relevance of the brand in the hearts and minds of target customers. A strategy should focus on making something lovable without relying merely on a funky name. 

5 Benefits of Partnering With a Digital Marketing Agency

With the increased levels of technology, many businesses no opt for outsourcing as a strategy for their digital marketing. The hiring of digital marketing agencies comes with a lot of advantages.

Access to a Wide Pool of Resources
Bringing together an in-house team that has all the required knowledge and skills required to achieve all objectives is quite impossible for most businesses. Some of the skills required by the business might be too expensive or hard to acquire. Given that these skills are not required by the company throughout the year, it may be quite expensive to hire a person on a full-time basis. A digital marketing agency acquires and retains individuals that offer a range of expertise and can always come up with the right mix of skills to suit your company’s objective.

Saves on Your Operating Cost
Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency enables you to acquire a wide set of skills and resources needed by your company as and when needed. Money that should have otherwise been spent to acquire these skills is saved or employed in other company processes.  Digital marketing agencies are responsible for tracking your expenditure on different platforms.  Tracking this spending is time consuming and challenging for most companies. Digital agencies, on the other hand, have developed the expertise, tools, and skills to efficiently handle these tracking processes, hence saving on your digital marketing budget. When you work with a digital marketing agency, you set the budget and outline your objectives. The rest of the process is handled by the agency.

You Focus On Company Priorities
With a digital marketing agency handling all your marketing problems, that burden is lifted off your shoulders. This allows you to focus your energy and resources on the core activities of your company.  When your company is expanding its operations, a digital marketing agency helps a lot in developing new marketing strategies. Based on the skills and expertise they have gained from working with different clients, they help your business as it goes through the growth stage.

You Acquire New Perceptions
An in-house team has limited knowledge and expertise, given their different experiences.  On the other hand, digital marketing agencies have a wide pool of skills and expertise gained from working with clients in different industries, professionals, and business types. They develop innovative marketing techniques that they apply across different sectors of the market.  Most digital marketing agencies require that their employees possess certain skills and knowledge that is key in keeping up with the evolving market. By partnering with a digital marketing agency, you get unlimited access to a wide pool of resources and skills that are effective for your ever-changing marketing needs.

Reliable and Accountable
A good digital marketing agency is accountable and reliable.
Accountability means that the agency has all the answers and numbers regarding your digital marketing strategy. For example, if a paid ad fails does not attract the expected number of customers, your marketing agency is responsible.

On the reliability side, you can always talk to your agency about the progress and also consult with them on changing your current strategy. You can always depend on your digital marketing agency to give the best in their field of operation.

Most businesses today see sense in outsourcing digital marketing services as it is both affordable and flexible Ontario based agency called My Left Foot However, it is good to take your time to find an agency that meets your needs and suits your budget.


Getting More Hits To Your YouTube Videos In Video Marketing

It can be a daunting task to get more hits on your YouTube videos .You might find that someone?s video is getting over five thousand hits when yours is getting just four hits and then wonder why yours is not getting the kind of traffic that you hoped for. There are a number of reasons for it as well as many ways of getting traffic to your YouTube videos.

The following are ways in which you can get more hits in YouTube videos in video marketing.

  • YouTube videos are not created equally: Depending on the video that you upload, you might get surprised to see that it has got to ten thousand views the next day especially if it?s a popular music video o YouTube.
  • YouTube marketing is different from video marketing:  distributes all your videos all over the web on your website, on social sites and on YouTube.  It is a process of taking your video online making it viral; it takes popular video a very short time to become a hit.
  • Getting the traffic for the YouTube video:  it can be tricky getting traffic to your YouTube videos, you can link it to a certain form and get the members to view it and you eventually gain many hits that you could have thought.
  • Purchasing an add on YouTube: 

    It is also known as featured listing.  With this your video is likely to get to the top of the search results list all depending on the keyword or the topic that the viewers are looking for.  This might end up making vide to hit instantly.  Features listings get more hits if the product being promoted is a high priced one. It goes well if our conversion rate is a bit high, that way you get very good returns.

  • Boost your search rankings on YouTube: there are many ways that people can sort their videos especially if looking for the most popular ones and have a lot of hits on your video.  The chance can be higher if your video becomes number one on the search results.  Click here for Shopify.
  • Since YouTube is ranked the second largest website in the internet in terms of traffic, is then becomes very essential to online business and especially in the journey to marketing your videos on YouTube.

Since there are many techniques that might rival YouTube marketing, this strategy can surely boost your traffic therefore helping you to earn the sales and profits that you so desire.  Adopt them in your video marketing and you will see yourself making the most out of it within the shortest time possible.

For More Details:

How To Choose A Shopify Expert

Owing to the high demand for search engine optimization services, a lot of agencies have cropped up left, right and center in almost each and every city that you visit. This has, in turn, provided the perfect breeding ground for cons, who pretend to be a search engine optimization agency but have zero knowledge on the same. Therefore, whenever you are choosing your search engine optimization agency, you need to be very cautious not to fall into their pitfalls and thus lose your hard earned resources. Below are some of the qualities that a good SEO agency must possess.


Whenever search engine optimization comes into play, then experience is very essential as it determines the quality of services that you are going to get. In addition, a search engine optimization agency which has offered its services for a long time has all the necessary tactics of improving your rankings in the search engines. This is because they have a better understanding of how the search engine optimization scene is run. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about choosing a search engine optimization agency, it is important that you choose an agency with the right amount of experience. Having the right amount of knowledge in the sector will go a long way in ensuring that they serve you better and deliver the results which you desperately need.

Good reputation

Another quality that a search engine optimization agency should have is a good reputation. Reputation is everything in the online scene, as it determines the level of trust that clients have over it. The reputation, in this case, is determined and curved out by previous clients of the agency and therefore, have much trust in it. Whenever therefore you are choosing your SEO agency, it is important that you choose the one that has a good reputation, as chances are that they will also provide good services to you. You can find the information about an SEO agency, by looking at the reviews that it is getting. The reviews speak volumes about an agency.

Timely tactics

It goes without saying that the dynamics of search engine optimization changes with each advancement in technology. Therefore, you may find a tactic that was used a month ago is no longer effective, as the scene has changed over time. Therefore, a good search engine optimization agency must be able to change with the changing tides of search engine optimization. They must, therefore, have the necessary staff, who are really creative and experts in the field, who comes with timely and new tactics. Most often than not, timely tactics are very effective as they focus on the new changes in technology, thus enabling you to achieve your goals effectively.